Employment services for people with disabilities


Adaptability of our services

and ability of being solution-focused according to the disability and needs of each individual.

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Support for students

L’ÉTAPE provides support to students undertaking an end-of-study internship, aiming to promote their success, regardless of their limitations.

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L’ÉTAPE is a non-profit organization located in Montreal and Laval that offers free employability support services for people with disabilities [1]. Our services are offered in French and in English. For deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, we communicate in sign language (LSQ/ASL) and the oral technique.

The integration of persons having a functional disability takes place in different sectors : manufacturing, public and parapublic, non-traditional trades and the new technologies, etc.

Each year, at L’ÉTAPE, close to  750 persons participate in our activities. More than 75% of these persons develop their employability and in this way, integrate the labour market.

The services are entirely free.

[1] Any person having a deficiency bringing a significant and persistent incapacity and who is subject to meet obstacles in the accomplishment of everyday activities.


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