Employment services for people with disabilities




My name is Dmitri Stroilov. I started school at Centre Anjou. I followed the professional training (DEP) program in machining techniques for one year. After that, I moved to the next level and studied for six months to get my certification and professional specialization (ASP).

I started Spectra Prenium in 2009. I was in training for 2-3 weeks. This was an opportunity to acquire job-ready abilities to advance my career, and it gave me a real sense of pride and accomplishment. Then, I gained experience and became highly skilled. My experienced coworker helped me communicate. I am using paper to write and communicate with my supervisor and my coworkers.

L’ÉTAPE helped me find a job as a machinist and I am very happy about it. Thanks to all of you!

Dmitri Stroilov – Machinist at Industries Spectra Prenium

L’ÉTAPE has allowed me to acquire more self-confidence and improve my skills in job interviews. They helped me prepare for my job search. At L’ÉTAPE, the staff is very friendly, polite and reliable, especially my employment counsellor. L’ÉTAPE offers a well-organized service that is faithful to its name (Étape means step in French). They offered me a very good and efficient service.

Hoang Oanh Pham – receptionist at Les Dragons d’Or

Thanks to L’ÉTAPE, SPHERE-Québec and Emploi-Québec, I was able to create my own construction business specialized in adaptation.

For over 10 years, I’ve been proud and happy that my employment has given the opportunity to improve the quality of life of many people with disabilities.

Giuseppe Giulietti – independent General Contractor, Construction Adapt-Solutions Inc.

L’ÉTAPE helped me write my resume, prepare for my job interviews, send my resumes by email, in summary all aspects of my job searches.

L’ÉTAPE has helped me find my job at Bédard Ressources. I’ve been working there for seven months now. I love my job and I thank L’ÉTAPE for it.

Joël Alcantara-Frias – warehouse clerk at Bédard Ressources

L’ÉTAPE helped me find my actual job and gave me the opportunity of integrating the workforce as a security agent with acceptable work conditions. L’ÉTAPE has allowed me to regain self-confidence in my skills and abilities. Also, Le Transit made the efforts of adapting the workplace according to my condition, which makes my work very interesting.

Michel – Employee Le Transit

L’étape en vidéo

I really found the job search workshops useful. It was my second participation in L’ÉTAPE program, and it has allowed me to improve some of my job search skills.

During the training session, we have the opportunity to actively participate in the workshop and we benefit from the encouragement of other participants as well as the dynamic support of a qualified team. Congratulations to all for the great work!


The training session of L’ÉTAPE allowed me to regain my self-confidence, which has increased my chances of finding employment.


At SEMO L’ÉTAPE, they offer a full range of services. I am completely satisfied of my job integration. I have gained more self-confidence which helped me during my job search.


At L’ÉTAPE, they take care of us. The people there are always smiling, friendly and close to their clients. Don’t change the recipe – you have very good ingredients.

Good luck and many thanks!


When I lost my first job, L’ÉTAPE helped me find another one. Thanks to all.

Henri – employee, J.P. Carton

L’ÉTAPE helped me find a job in household maintenance, and I was very pleased with my job.

Joseph – Employee, P.R. Maintenance inc.

I am very pleased when I heard that L’ÉTAPE for I would have the possibility to find a job adapted to my disability.

Linda – Employee, Le Transit

I am very satisfied with L’ÉTAPE services, thanks to its team of outstanding professionals.


I truly appreciated the services of L’ÉTAPE.


What to say about L’ÉTAPE?

It’s a castle built, stone by stone, by all of the members and their respective counsellor in an atmosphere of harmony and well-being. It’s up to us to play it right to ensure our rose will become a garden of roses, and that our desire of succeeding will surprise our detractors.

Long life to L’ÉTAPE and see you to celebrate your fiftieth anniversary!


It’s the first time that I call upon the services of L’ÉTAPE and I am very satisfied. I hope that you will continue finding jobs for people with disabilities. It’s a service that is needed and essential. Congratulations to the whole team for the great work!