L’ÉTAPE offers its specialized employment integration services in two locations: L’ÉTAPE Montreal and L’ÉTAPE Laval.

All our services are free.

The services are offered in French or English, in Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) and American Sign Language (ASL).

L’ÉTAPE offers its services to people with disabilities that need adapted assistance services in their job search and subsequently, to stay employed.

Our services are part of a global approach based on an assessment of a person’s individual needs and the recognition and harnessing of his/her strengths.

  • Employment service adapted to the needs and condition of the person
  • Individual counseling and follow-up
  • Assessment of the person’s employability, skills and capacities
  • Guidance for professional and educational decision-making
  • Preparation of efficient job search tools: résumé and letter of introduction
  • Step-by-step job search plans
  • Preparation for job interviews and advice on how to explain one’s disability to employers
  • Adaptation of workstation
  • Post-hiring follow-up, coaching in the workplace and intervention to ensure job retention
  • Evaluation of eligibility to a financial employment assistance program for people with disabilities
  • Documentation Centre: computers, Internet access, job offer postings
Establishing the profile of the person, Assessment and Action Plan, Intensive and Structured Job Search, Returning to School, Employment Integration, On-the-job Coaching


L’ÉTAPE Montréal – Who can benefit from our services?

L’ÉTAPE Laval – Who can benefit from our services?

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